Nomad Rural Tourism

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Group Size Meals Accomodation Price
15-25pax BB Nomad type


\"\"The program for Nomad Rural Tourism

This program is experience of a life time. This is a mixture of Cultural –

Nomad visits for the European people to understand the Iranian way of life.

A 10 day tour with an option of extending it to 14 days.  It is as follows:

Tour BB. 14 Days -  Rural Nomad tour


The first tour will start in Oct 2018 

 D01:  Sat 6th  AMS – THR  Group Arrives, Transfer to the hotel Evin  Rest. 
D02:  Sun 7th : THR – IFN : Tehran :

Morning visit to National, Crystal museum. Lunch , drive towards Isfahan.  Isfahan : Check in to the hotel : Abbassy.  
D03:  Mon 8th  IFN:  Isfahan :

Visits : Imam Square: Sheykhlotfolah mosque, Aliqapoo Palace, Imam Mosque.  Naghshe Jahan square.  

Lunch : Local restaurant. Continue the visits.  Dinner : Local restaurant Hotel : Abbassy. 
D04:  Tue 9th :  Isfahan:

 visits: Vank Cathedral , Friday mosque, old bridges of Isfahan.  Lunch &  Dinner : local Restaurant.  
D05:  Wed 10th:  Isfahan – Izeh:  

City of Izeh  Check out and  drive towards Izeh. 5 hours. After arrival we will rest, at 15:00 hrs they start the ceremony of Fruit paste.

This is a traditional ceremony to make the fruite into a paste for the children.

This will continue till 17:00 then we go up to the camp to stay where the nomads are .

 Then we see how the traditional Nomad bread is made and then have a traditional meal, Rice and stew + Salad and water .

 Then fruite for desert.  They can also smoke huba babo water pipe after dinner .  
D06:  Thu11th:  Izeh : 

visit : Kuleh Farah:  After breakfast, visit the sementary and the lion stones. After go to Kuleh Farah.  Lunch will be in the camp.  

There is the cermoney of weaving Qilim, and after that the cermoney of Vegtabel soup of the Bakhtiary Nomad and live nomadic Dance .  
D07:  Fri 12th :  Izeh : Eshkaft-e Salman

After breakfast go to the Eshkaft e Salman . After the visit will have BBQ Bakhteiary and Rice. With all the setting .

Chicken and Rice , Rice and Date, Mountain Mashroom + Pickels and Onion pickles.

During the stay we will have traditional dane. Milking the cow in the evening and bake traditional bread.

Picking vegetable that they would eat raw with the food like salad.  
D08:  Sat 13th :  Izeh - Kermanshah:  
After break fast, At 7:30 drive. There is a distance of 680 Km to drive. Almost 8:30 hours .

The mixture of seanary makes it very interesting drive. Lunch on the road will be in a local restaurant .

 Arrival at : 16:30. Check into the hotel Jamshid . Evening walk in the area where local people come to enjoy the evening .
D09:  Sun 14th :  Kermanshah

City tour. Taghebostan, Takeyeh, Bazaar of Kermanshah. Lunch in the local rest.  Dinner in the hotel  
D10: Mon 15th :  Kermanshah – Uraman  

After breakfast, check out and drive towards the Uraman Takht. Uraman the beautiful seanary of the Kurdestan mountains. 168km it takes about 4:30 min as the bus will drive through mountainous road.  Upon arrival, the group will check into local house. The lunch will be Traditional meal of the village people.  The visit will be in the village, to see how they live. Interact with people . Drink Tea and enjoy an original way of life.  Dinner will be in the camp and a local Food.  
D11: Tue 16th : Uraman

On this day, they will visit the gardens and to see how the harvest of pomegranate is done.

Join in the harvesting as well as making a pomegranate juice and paste.

Pomegrante is known as the heavenly fruite. It is good for the women, as it has a lot of vitamin c.  

D12: Wed 17th : Uraman  

Continue the same kind of visit and enjoy the village life.  
D13: Thu 18th  Uraman - Takab

After breakfast we have a 5 hour drive to Takab. The city which holds one of the oldest and a world heritage site. Takhte Solyeman .

 Stay at Ranji guest house for the night. Enjoy home made food.  
D14: Fri 19th  Takab – Qazvin  

Morning check out to drive to Qazvin , on the way, they can visit the Soltaneieh mosque .  Stay in the hotel and rest.  

D15: Sat 20th  

Qazvin – Tehran Airport