I am traveling to other countries and don't have time to come to the consulate, ?

If you have problem in taking your passport to the consulate, once your visa is apporved you can take the airplane to Iran & have the visa stamped in your passport in the airport of IKIA.


What happens if I have a problem?

An emergency number : 09190634594 - 09123133604 is available to you all the time.

Depending on your problem we will find a solution straight away. Don't have to worry and don't judge any situation with out any cuase.

You have to becarful any where you go! don't let anyone catch you off guard.

Can I take my wife to swim in the Caspian sea?

Men and women are not allwoed to sweim in the same area. The women's quarter is seperate of the men. Even if they are all married.

what is a dress code? does it apply to Men?

Islamic dress code, it is applicable to all the peopel who come to Iran or live in Iran. There is no exception for anyone,

Dress code

Clothing Guidelines for Tourists

Ladies dress Code:

All the females above the age of 9 are required by law to abide by the guidelines or better say dress code in public.

Should the tourists forget to abide by these rules, should not fear as she will be reminded by the people around her or the public will politely ask her to cover herself.

  • Long shirts or Tunics to mid-thigh with long sleeves
  • Trousers which could be of normal material or jean or long skirt which will completely cover the legs
  • Scarves or hat can be used to cover the hair and the neck

Men dress code:

  • Trousers or Jeans
  • Shirts with ¾ or long sleeves.
  • T-shirts which will cover until elbow

Does Iran have internet?

Yes,Most of the cities in Iran are equiped with Internet system although not as fast as in the west. you may find intenet cafe in most places. The hotels for a charge they will allow you to use thier system.

Can I use forign currency in Iran?

For small things like bottle of water or paying for your food you will need to have Iranian Rials. To purchase anything in the Bazaar or handicraft shop you can pay with forign currency

Do I have to have passport with me when I go out?

When you travel in Iran,keep a copy of your passport and your visa sticker in your passport. leave your passport in the hotel Front office .

Why do the hotels take the passport from you ?

To prevent you losing your passport.Or more important to be a target for thieves.

If I get lost what do I do?

When you arrive to each city , take a hotel card from the front desk and with that you can take a taxi or go to the nearest police station.

Can we exchange money ?

Yes, we have official exchange office in all the major cities you will be visiting. you have to check the exchange rate for the currency you want to exchange.

If someone invites me to their home should I go?




Well, you know the saying, you should not talk to the strangers.

we will not judge anyone! You will not go to a strangers house even if you can see they are a family & safe!

They may be kind and genuin, the same applies, you should not go somewhere you don't know.

Do not be alarmed,

Politely give an excuse that you have to go to your hotel.

But invite them to come and talk with you in the safelty of the lobby of the hotel if they so wish to !.

You may, should you wish to do so, meet them in a public Tea house

In the lobby of the hotel you can sit and talk as long as you like .

How do I get my visa ?

How to get visa for Islamic Republic of Iran,

Kindly fill in the form in the Iran Visa on the website. This will provide all the necessary details for us to apply your visa, which will help the Ministry of forign affairs to issue your visa. This form has all the necessary questions for you to answer, it enables us, to work faster & not go back and forth to ask for more details.

The proceduare

To hava passport with validity which should be more than six months.

have to scan the Passport & attach it to the form

Foto 3X4.

Should you Choose any program, to state the name of the ref number of the tour on the website

The Date of Arrival & Departure.

Poonel will use the information provided to apply for your visa.

Once approved! You will receive your authorizartion code.

With the authorization code youn will approach the Iranian Embassy in your country.


Should you not wish to go to the consulate, you can receive your visa here in the IKIA (Imam Khomeini International Airport )

or any port of Entry frontier in the terretory of  Islamic Republic of Iran, it will be possible for us.

If you have any question, you can always drop us a line: info@poonel.com


can I travel on my own?

Yes, once the visa is apporved you can travel on your own. If this is what you have applied.