Can we forget our past


The Poonel Tour and Travel wants you to look at your roots and realize who you are


How far have we come and do we have time to go further.

The land where Iran is situated, has been known by the fact that the Aryan Dynasty originally lived. What you have to understand is that before the Aryan descent, other tribe and different cultures did live here in this plateau. In some books it goes back as far as 15000 years of different findings but if we are talking about significant documentation we can refer to 4th Millennium BC.  The Elimte Tribe had established the first government up to the moment that the Aryan descended and gradually adopted the land by a very peaceful domination.

This Domination, led to the formation of later founded Mede dynasty and finally the Achemaenian ruling & the formation of the Persian Empire.

 As for the history, we have to point out the Aryan immigration to the West. It is has been mentioned that the Aryan are the ancestors of the Indo-European culture. It took them 1000 years to go and come back to the Iranian plateau.

The actual history from the time of Persian Empire to the Islamic Ruling will have to be discussed with in the context of actual visits to Iran, in this part we will mention the main dynasties :  Mede – Persian empire – Seleucid – Parthian – Sassanid – Islamic Invation & Islamic Ruling, Mongol – Turkish invasion – Afghan – Afsharid - Safavid – Qajar – Pahlavi – Islamic Revolution.

As for the Art and culture, we must state that; during each Reign the Persian artists were able to formulate the best art there was. Each government who ruled the country in their own system created one of the best.