Food Dialogue


Food is an element that will nourish and save us to continue living. We can say, it is the only common thing with People .........

Eatiing Dialouge Amoungst Nations. 


Food is the only common elements that is grown in the same way in the world but eaten differently due to different geographical situation. We can say, scinse the food grown in the world has the same substance, then it is common in every country. 

Potato, Onion, chicken, Cow, Milk, Grape, bread, grains etc. They all same around the world.  The nice thing about this, is that due to the differet countries and different customs everyone makes their food according to the customs and what has been handed down from generation to generations. 

The act of cooking, to mix different product to make it taste good and enjoyable is what every nation is after. We have seen how from a very simple thing such as frying an egg a variety of food has been provided. 

We come to the concolusion that food can be a bridge in dialouge amongst nation of the world. We could call it ¨Food Diaolouge¨ amongst nations.  sometiems a good food eaten, goes much further than any kind of disscussion between any groups of people. 

Why this is very important.  You see, philosophically speaking, the Zorasterian held four elements sacred, Fire, water, wind and earth. Earht being the mother of all, uses the water and the fire and the air to produce food for her children to eat and live long.  The actual living is sacred and as it helps people survive and live becomes important. The soul of men is sacred for what it does to actual men. to keep them alive so, it is all sacred and important. 

Since all the four elements have a sacred place with in our societies, then the food becomes sacred and must be respected. Eating food in a ceremony and different events with people, makes them feel connected to each other due to the bond that the food makes between them, it is like an un writen agreement but signed with our eating the food to gether. 

We can therefore, make the act of eating between nations of the world an Eatiing Dialouge Amoungst Nations.