Halal Meat


Halal Meat What is it and how does it affect our body?  The actual slaughtering which they have taken up with in the Islamic Ruling, actually has been brought down from Persian era. We can see on the walls of Perspolice bas relief of  a lion killing of the Bull. It comes from the Mehr Religion and continued in different ages and is a base to the bull fighting in Spain as well.

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An article about the Halal Meat and it's positive effect on all of us


Halal Meat

What is it and how does it affect our body?  The actual slaughtering which they have taken up with in the Islamic Ruling, actually has been brought down from Persian era. We can see on the walls of Perspolice bas relief of  a lion killing of the Bull. It comes from the Mehr Religion and continued in different ages and is a base to the bull fighting in Spain as well.

The actual meaning of the word Halal means Eligible or Permitted to be eaten, or better way of describing the word: legitimately clean to eat! Not infected & is edible. The actual word Halal is also used to a marriage as well, when a man and a woman get married they are Halal for each other, which means their marriage has been legitimately accepted by the society. Anything Halal is accepted religiously and not harmful to the society!

As far as the food is concerned, if you use a dirty water or an infected liquid which could make you sick, will be recognized as illegal. By the health authority across the world will be penalized for using infected ingredients.

The views on the food stuff as far as the Islamic religion is concerned, the ingredients that one uses to feed, must be legitimately clean and healthy for the body. That is why Alcohol or any kind of substance that puts the body in disorder is not Halal or authorized.

It will in fact destroy liver and all the other parts of the body. Blocks up the blood vessel and all the wrong things that is not accepted, will happen will not be good for the body! So, whatever that puts the body out of normality is forbidden to eat or drink.


We all know in fact that cow and sheep do have diseases in the meet and the same goes for the pig. What is the difference with these animals that in some part of the world is forbidden to eat and in the others they do eat and enjoy it in fact!  

Pigs basically eat anything as well as meat, where cows don’t eat meat by choice, their preference is vegetable and if you give them meat supplement not knowing, they will sallow cause they cannot distinguish the difference.  Their body will react in different way; Mad cow disease is one of them. If you are not meant to eat it, then if you do, your body will react in retaliation to the substance which does not recognize due to the taste or smell registration which is being fed to it. 

Therefore, by nature of things, we have to nourish ourselves and if we decide to poison the body with drinks or inedible substance, either you will get sick or die.  

Why is it important for the animal to be slaughtered by the Halal way or System?

When creatures such as chicken or cow, being slaughtered for food stuff in the halal system, they are slaughtered in such a way that all the blood in their body is drained. To explain it better, when their throat is cut, the head is not detached from the body which means the brain via spinal cord orders the heart to circulates the blood.  The Knife that cuts the throat is insanely sharp and the animal does not even feel the pain, it basically feels the actual a sharp burning sensation. It actually bleeds to death.

Is this good or bad?

You see, human being by nature cannot eat just any kind of meat. They can only eat the meat that has been nourished by the substance that is adjusted to the human eating habit and digestive system.

The human originally lived on vegetation as their body & system has not the aggressive instrument of the killing like the lion or tiger! The hands don´t have claws, the teeth are not sharp to tear the meat & so on.  Therefore, the body of men, needs the proteins which is absorbed by the meat, but the meat must be also be produced out of the vegetation, from  such animals like cow, sheep etc.


The husbandries animals also cannot absorb meat base feed & if they do illnesses such as mad cow disease will happen as in the following text we read in the Web MD article:

According to WebMD:  What causes mad cow disease and variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD)?

Experts are not sure what causes mad cow disease or vCJD.  The leading theory is that the disease is caused by infectious proteins called prions (say "PREE-ons"). In affected cows, these proteins are found in the brain, spinal cord, and small intestine. There is no proof that prions are found in muscle meat (such as steak) or in milk. When a cow is slaughtered, parts of it are used for human food and other parts are used in animal feed. If an infected cow is slaughtered and its nerve tissue is used in cattle feed, other cows can become infected. People can get vCJD if they eat the brain or spinal cord tissue of infected cattle.

Basically, according to the Green movement and animal protection acts all around the world, since they prevent the animal to suffer while being slaughtered, they are given shocks so they don’t feel anything at all and since the brain is not functional it will not order the heart to function and the heart will stop as well. Which means the blood which has to be drained, stays in the flesh, which is not really healthy by any means. Should the blood be infected, then we will witness issues which should not really be happening to anyone, let alone exposing our children!

So, the question remains, what is right or what is wrong? If the system is being kind to the animals and want to show that they are not suffering, this is a very nice gesture & a total lie!

The animals do suffer, but we ease their pain by electrical shocks, which at the same time is a waste their meat cause of the reason mention above. So, what do we do? Not eat meat, or if we have to eat then don’t waste it!

There is no justification to life.! We have to accept the reality, if life has meant them to be slaughtered, then so be it! Let’s give them a good living system. The above article points out clearly what we did to the cows! Who justified the suffering of those cows which were made to be sick and die in Pain! They are animals and the one who poisoned them will never be sued or imprisoned! They did suffer because of what they were fed!  We all die sooner or later! We suffer at the hands of Angel of Death! We have no other choice!  The fact still remains that we will never know the meat which has been verified as healthy, is really healthy!??? That is why we insist on eating clean meat and healthy. That is Halal meat.

HALAL IS FOR BETTER HEALTH according to the http://www.halalforhealth.com

The halal method of preparing an animal for food allows maximum drainage of blood from the animal's body. Blood in meat makes it more susceptible to putrefaction and also negatively impacts taste.  Methods using stunning cause an animal to secrete lactic acid which hastens the onset of putrefaction because lactic acid makes the meat less resistant to bacteria. Lactic acid also significantly negatively impacts taste.Halal meat tastes better, is more tender, is healthier and stays fresh longer because the absence of blood makes it resistant to bacteria. Halal meat also makes sense economically because less blood means pound per pound you bring home more meat and yield more finished product.