New Brand in Town





Poonel has been functional for the past 22 years, the board of directors has decided to form a new brand.

This brand will consits of experience and the quality work of Poonel which gathered and worked for over 2 decade. The Board of Directors of Poonel, each has a very Positive records in the tourism Industry. They are proud to put thier own experience on line to give a good quality of work for tourism of Iran . 

The best that has happened, The Ministry of Cultural Heritage , handicraft and Tourism of Iran has been formed. This is a good step for Poonel Tour and Travel to formulate a Barnd called: ¨Persian Dream¨.

Fortunatly we have already started this brand name in instagram and has worked out succesfully : This brand will be introducing all the effects of Persian culture which was very effective in the lives of Western society, such a Food & Species, Persian Hospitality, Clothing, Ceramics, Handicraft leather production, glassware, metal work and many different art handicraft which later on we will talk about them. I like to say, this is the start of a National Project for Poonel Tour and Travel and soon we will be specializing in different fields of the Iranian Persian cultrue. For Persian Dream Please join us in Facebook  and Instagram: we like to hear your opinion.