Herbal Medicine is one of National Heritage

Poonel is going Green and we like to be able to give some advise to our Clients for a healthy living. Healthy life is with a healthy body.


It is important to look after your body and eat what helps you keep fit to enjoy your life and especially when one is traveling. Iran is famous for the traditional treatments.

Avicenna or Ibn-Sīnā was a Persian polymath who is regarded as one of the most significant thinkers and writers of the Islamic Golden Age. His written work did not all survive only 240 of his writing which includes 150 books on philosophy and 40 books on medicine.

His most famous books are:

The book of Healing.

Philosophical & scientific encyclopedia

Canon of Medicine, which became a medical reference in Europe up to 1650s. In the 20th century the Canon of medicine was reprinted in New York. Besides being a philosopher and a doctor, he was also known for his work on astronomy, alchemy, geography and geology, psychology, Islamic theology, logic, mathematics, physics and poetry.




Here we have some Dutch Doctors who are paying their respect for the Father of Traditional Medicine.